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After his family experienced

significant hardship as a result of a catastropic car accident, Stephen chose to dedicate his life to assisting others in similar situations. 

Stephen grew up in a small lakeside village in Western New York in an area known for its tranquil summers and high snowfall winters. As the youngest of four children, Stephen bore witness to the devastating impact of auto accidents when tragedy struck in his early in his childhood.


Headed to Disney World for a vacation, the Gerring Family station wagon crashed into the back of a tow truck improperly parked on the side of the Interstate just south of Fredericksburg, Virginia. The driver of the tow truck was inhibited at the time of the collision, creating a condition that led to an inherently dangerous situation for any vehicles traveling the road at that time.


The fallout from this accident affected much of Stephen’s young life. His grandmother died immediately at the scene of the accident. His father and mother were trapped in the car for over two hours while emergency crews cut into the car to rescue them. They both sustained permanent injuries that affect their mobility and overall health to this day. Two of his siblings suffered injuries from being thrown from the back seat of station wagon through the front windshield. His eldest sister suffered severe head trauma.


Amongst his other injuries, Stephen broke the femur in his right leg. He was transported by helicopter to the Children’s Hospital in Washington D.C. where he spent the next 17 days in a spica cast, a device used to ensure proper healing of the bones and tendons for young children who have suffered debilitating leg injuries.


The financial and medical fallout of this accident created a great stress on Stephen’s family that lasted throughout his formative years. The individuals that stepped in to help the Gerring family out of their toughest time left an imprint on Stephen that he would not forget. His choice to be a car accident attorney was largely formed by these events.


After running cross country and playing baseball in high school, Stephen attended Allegheny College in Meadville, PA, where he majored in Political Science and Philosophy. While studying at Allegheny, Stephen was active in the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity and met his wife, Jessica, who was a member of the Alpha Chi Omega sorority.

Stephen served as a Congressional Intern at the United States House of Representatives in Washington D.C., during his college years. This experience solidified Stephen’s decision to attend law school after finishing at Allegheny. 

Stephen moved to Orlando, Florida with Jessica, where Stephen attended Barry University School of Law. After receiving his Juris Doctorate, Steve followed Jessica to her hometown of Saint Louis, Missouri to begin their lives together.


Stephen is licensed in Missouri, Illinois, and Federally in the Eastern District of Missouri.


In his spare time, Stephen enjoys swimming, tennis, golf, any activity involving lakes, and exercising his two hound dogs, Dixie and Jordan. He enjoys listening to baseball games on the radio and attending random Minor League Baseball games while on road trips.

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