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Army Veteran Motorcyclist Recovers $100,000 Policy Limits

An army veteran was out for a ride on an unseasonably nice February afternoon when he was forced to lay his bike down to avoid hitting a careless van. He was traveling on interstate 70 in Bridgeton when a van negligently failed to check their rear driver's side blind spot, abruptly merging into his lane.

The plaintiff adroitly avoided hitting the merging van but was unable to prevent laying his motorcycle down. He lost control and slid onto the shoulder and fell onto the pavement on the left side of the highway. The plaintiff was fortunate to have fell onto the shoulder of the road, as busy traffic on 70 could have otherwise not seen him. The van drove off, perhaps unaware that they had caused an accident.

The plaintiff was transported to SSM DePaul by Pattonville Ambulance. He was kept in the hospital for two nights while doctors monitored his six broken ribs. The doctors also feared that he had ruptured his spleen.

Foremost Insurance tendered the full $100,000 uninsured motorist coverage after a detailed accounting of the pain and suffering endured by the plaintiff was provided. The plaintiff was surprised by the recovery, as he only sought legal representation to avoid owing any medical bills after the accident.

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