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Experienced Attorney for Families Involved in Auto Accidents

I became an attorney to help families overcome the many obstacles they will face after an auto accident. This is because my family was involved in a very serious accident when I was 5 years old. On July 9, 1991, our Cheverlot Caprice was hit by an intoxicated tow truck driver at 70 miles per hour outside of Fredericksburg, Virginia. We were on the way to Disney World in Orlando from our home in upstate New York.

I was riding in the front seat between my parents. The tibia of my right leg fractured and broke through the skin. I sustained scarring on my elbow, face, and scalp. I was asleep during the collision so I do not remember that impact. I do, however, remember waking up to see a fireman with a red beard tell me that they were going to get me out. The next thing I remember I was at Washington Children's Hospital in Washington, D.C.

I spent the next 16 days after the accident recovering in the hospital in a spica cast. The road to recovery took many months as physical therapy came after. I started kindergarten late in January while my leg healed. While my injuries were bad, some of my family fared worse.

My grandmother passed away and my eldest sister broke her neck. Her recovery required the use of a halo to stabilize her head while her neck healed. My parents suffered injuries to their back, wrists, and feet; injuries that eventually forced both into an early retirement. My brother and sister were thrown through the windshield but escaped with only cuts and bruising.

The effect that this accident had on my life was monumental. I saw how stressed out my dad was trying to keep the family above water while everyone was in physical pain and the family medical debt piled up. The medical bill collectors began calling. And then calling some more. We feared the insurance company would catch us doing something that they would use to say we weren't injured. We feared the creditors would take our house and our possessions.

From this experience came a resolve to help families that have been similarly victimized. I opened my firm with the intent on becoming a specialized attorney for families involved in accidents. I have worked at large firms in the past. I have seen how poorly they communicate with clients and how personal relationships with clients are often sacrificed for profits. It is my sincere wish to not become one of those attorneys. I do not want to advertise on billboards using gimmicks. I do not want to burn and churn your case. I want to earn your trust as an experienced attorney and counselor. I want you to know not only that I am fighting hard for your case, but I want you to know how I am doing that.

Since I have opened my practice I have helped many families obtain a recovery after their car accident. I hope that in the process I have helped them overcome some of the many anxieties that are only all too natural after such a devastating event.

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My family before our car accident in 1991.

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