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MO' Cowbell Marathon

I completed my fourth marathon over the weekend! I ran in the Mo' Cowbell Marathon in Saint Charles. If you are wondering, yes, it was named after the Saturday Night Live skit. And yes, it had a lot of cowbell.

The course began at Frontier Park in Saint Charles and wound north into New Town before looping back down south around Saint Charles and into Creve Coeur park. The marathon concluded by heading north along the Missouri River before finishing back at Frontier Park. Approximately 5,000 people ran in this event; 4,500 doing the half marathon and 490 running the full 26.2.

I run marathons even though I am not particularly talented at running. What I lack in talent I make up for in grit. I find marathons are a very effective way to manage stress and maintain a work/life balance while providing a useful sense of accomplishment.

Many people tell me that they could never run that far. I think that most people could if they put their minds to it. If you have always wanted to run in one, feel free to call me to talk about it. I encourage everyone who has considered it to give it a try. After you do the first one, you realize that nothing is stopping you but your mind.

People of almost every ability, age, gender, body type, and nationality can be found out on the marathon course. I had the privilege of running up the steep hill on Mile 10 alongside a Marine veteran. He had lost both of his legs in Afghanistan. It was incredibly emotional to watch as he not only embraced the struggle with his two bionic legs, but excelled at it. The running community is incredibly supportive and welcomes all comers with wide open arms. Don't be so quick to talk yourself out of running one.

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Jessica and Georgia provided much needed encouragement at Mile 21.

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Georgia and I after the race.

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