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Policy Limit Reached Despite No Police Report

The Gerring Law Firm recently made a recovery involving a rear end collision with no police report. These crashes are often difficult to recover on for a lot of reasons; from lapsed insurance policies to bad promises to pay "without getting insurance involved." I can't stress enough how important it is to make a police report after an accident, no matter how trustworthy the other driver may seem.

In this case the at fault driver didn't want to make a police report. This was probably because they were driving a car that they did not own without permission from the owner. My client was referred for an MRI after complaining of tingling and numbness in his extremities to his chiropractor. The MRI revealed annular fissues at multiple levels. We were able to recover the full state minimum coverage limits on the strength of the MRI alone. The at fault driver executed an Affidavit of No Excess Coverage.

While a win, this case is an important reminder to buy underinsured motorist protection. My client did not have this protection. He was unfortunately stuck with the state minimum policy from the at fault driver. Underinsured insurance would have allowed him to recover more for this serious injury had he purchased it.

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