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Why hire a personal injury lawyer and not a general lawyer?

There are many fine general practice lawyers in St. Louis who are jacks of all trades. These attorneys will take whatever comes their way. They will handle family law, criminal law, immigration, traffic, bankruptcy, and will represent car accident victims as well. I do not wish to disparage these attorneys, as there are many that do a competent job, but there is a danger in hiring this type of lawyer for your personal injury case.

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Choose a lawyer that focuses their practice on your area of need.

A lawyer practicing in many other areas is likely to miss important aspects of your case. I see this in the type of questions I get asked by other attorneys all the time. They call me to ask about their case and have understandings much different than someone who passionately practices in this area. These sometimes-small pieces of information can make all the difference between a good recovery and a great one. General practitioners are usually less efficient, less organized, and seem to take much longer bringing their client’s case before the insurance company pre-suit or filing a lawsuit.

The Gerring Law Firm only focuses on personal injury law. This field is wide enough in its own right to have a wide knowledge base and still be learning new things every day. As a personal injury firm, we have systems in place that are designed to efficiently get you an offer as soon as possible. Whether you accept that offer or we end up going to trial, our goal is to give you that option as soon as possible.

I can’t imagine handling an immigration case or family law case. While I have practiced both areas in the past, my firm is not set up to efficiently represent clients in those areas. My representation would be slow, plodding, and not as effective as someone who does it every day. This would be like choosing your local family doctor for orthopedic surgery. A word of caution to not make the same mistake in choosing your personal injury representation.

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