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Why Hire A Small Law Firm?

Personal attention and great customer service from someone who has been injured in a car accident. The Gerring Law Firm is proud of it’s history of great communication with their clients. We will keep you informed every step of the way and make sure you know what the next phase of your case will be. You will talk to an actual attorney and not a case worker without a law degree.

I have worked for large personal injury firms before. Many are set up to be “personal injury mills” that aspire to crank out as high volume as they can. They wish to turn the process into a McDonald’s like system where replaceable workers operate the machine. The attorney’s that heavily advertise can afford to based on their business model. This is a model based on the head attorney serving as chief marketer, not chief attorney. Clients of these firms can be assured that they will rarely talk to an actual attorney. They will likely only talk to case workers who will move your case along using a case management system. They will not have experience in the details of representation that is so necessary to obtain better settlements.

I left larger firms because I did not like the personal injury mill atmosphere. These places use the complex legal and insurance industries to take advantage of unsophisticated clients. The attorneys that run them are marketers who may have passed the bar but do not actually practice law in the traditional sense. They practice marketing. I know of several attorneys that advertise themselves as “trial attorneys” or “former insurance adjusters” that have never actually set foot in a court room.

If you don’t believe me read the reviews of some of the Saint Louis personal injury firms that advertise the most. These businesses should learn that you can fool some people sometime, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.

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Sometimes the best things come in the smallest sizes. The Gerring Law Firm is small and built to help you obtain the maximum recovery for your case.

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