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Licensed in Missouri, Illinois, and Federally, in the Eastern District of Missouri


Accidents happen. The emotional, financial and physical impact of these events can be overwhelming. Let an experienced attorney fight the insurance company for you to ease your stress and increase your chances for a better settlement.

Our firm has extensive experience handling the following types of claims and more:

  • Bodily injury

  • Underinsured motorist

  • Diminished value property damage



An individual hurt on the job should never proceed with their claim without hiring an attorney. Our firm has experience fighting for plaintiffs in Missouri and Illinois. We are able to make sure you are properly paid for missed time from work, that you are properly accommodated by your job, and that the insurance company fairly evaluates your disability. 



The death of a loved one due to an accident is a serious matter. Attorney Gerring has experienced this loss first hand when he lost his grandmother after their family accident. The Gerring Law Firm is experienced in assessing and litigating wrongful death cases.


There are many different types of insurance that may apply, it is therefore very important that you choose an experienced attorney who knows how to navigate these complex policies and that understands the importance of a potential recovery to the surviving family.  



Injured on a motorcycle? Our firm has the experience and skill to ensure that you get the proper value for your bike and that you get the treatment you need to move on from the accident.


Getting pulled over and cited for a traffic ticket is the worst. Even less enjoyable is dealing with the complex municipal court system. Our firm is experienced in obtaining point reductions for clients accused of traffic violations. We are able to pull warrants, check your reinstatment requirements if you are suspended, and let you know the best way to prevent your insurance rates from going up. 

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